Monday, 6 October 2014

Who is going to replace Facebook ?

Well this question might sounds crazy to few since many believe Facebook is unbeatable and the Powerhouse of social networking site..But ask a simple question to yourself , Doesn't you see to many suggestions on Facebook now days. Suggest for friends is right since Facebook help connect people but should suggest which university we should enroll in, which position should we vote , which product we should use. This is information overload for the prudent choice we make. You pay Facebook and you can bombard your target audience to buy your products. Facebook has every right to make money but should not at the expense of users.

Ello is a place where the frustrated Facebook users will find solace. This is an exclusive community where you will not see advertisement or information over load on the site.  This site says that it has found all the loopholes of Facebook that irritates users and are working on it to make a better place for users.

Facebook has great minds and money power to act quickly to do not allow this issue of come out of bottle and become an elephant. The elephant here is users frustrated mind that is getting peace by Ello. That seems to be the situation at the moment.

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