Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Can Pinterest defeat Facebook?

On a Lovely  Afternoon  A Sales Guy from this company name vinfotech  ask me the above Questions ? He was persistent and drag me for next 10 days to answer to same Question again & again.

I was wondering there will so many people who might have same Question and think Pinterest is slowly replacing facebook in so many sections?

But before addressing this Questions let me explain to my Readers that what is Facebook ( I am assuming still people don't know it ) and what is Pinterest ?

A Facebook is very simple words is a website which connect people all over world with similar interest & liking.

And Pinterest is a Social Bookmarking Website which helps people to pin the interesting stuff on a plain white board.

Facebook helps people to remain connect with friends &  Pinterest helps people to organize their Stuffs.

Facebook can add  anytime the book Marketing feature in site & Pinterest can improve its sharing concept similar to facebook.

 Pinterest can never replace Facebook but it can really reduce its user base. Pinterest caters to the need of Middle Age Women who like organize their stuffs, pics , plans with fellow women.

And Facebook can never take risk to cater only to one Gender/one Segment but silently watch Pintrest taking away these users.

I guess more Niche Social Networking site will be coming to endanger Facebook.

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