Monday, 6 October 2014

Who is going to replace Facebook ?

Well this question might sounds crazy to few since many believe Facebook is unbeatable and the Powerhouse of social networking site..But ask a simple question to yourself , Doesn't you see to many suggestions on Facebook now days. Suggest for friends is right since Facebook help connect people but should suggest which university we should enroll in, which position should we vote , which product we should use. This is information overload for the prudent choice we make. You pay Facebook and you can bombard your target audience to buy your products. Facebook has every right to make money but should not at the expense of users.

Ello is a place where the frustrated Facebook users will find solace. This is an exclusive community where you will not see advertisement or information over load on the site.  This site says that it has found all the loopholes of Facebook that irritates users and are working on it to make a better place for users.

Facebook has great minds and money power to act quickly to do not allow this issue of come out of bottle and become an elephant. The elephant here is users frustrated mind that is getting peace by Ello. That seems to be the situation at the moment.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Have you Heard About MeshHire?

What is “”.
 The is website which is basically a Social Recruitment Marketing platform allows recruiters and employers to market the job orders and turn all of the contacts and employees into viral recruiters. The site also provides recruiters the complete social recruiting tools to make recruiters’ social recruiting and referral recruiting program work smarter.
It Has Following Sections like
About Us/User Sign up/registration/Services/Features/Pricing/Affiliate Program /Facebook/twitter login
2.Social Recruiting Recruiter Dashboard ( where users can Monitor and manage all recruiting activities anywhere, anytime)
3.Social Recruiting Job Wall    
Private Job Wall ( where users can Collaborate and communicate with everyone during your hiring process on a Facebook-like status wall )
4. Job Referral Network    
( where users can Turn current and former employees, job candidates, and social network friends or contacts into virtual recruiters.)
5.Private Branded Career Site    
(where users can Take full control of who joins your talent referral network, and how they promote your talent needs.)
6.Social Network Integration
( where users can Post jobs with ease across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and invite users to join your talent community.)
7.Referral Reward Management
(where users can Optimize the power of relationship recruiting by setting up a recruitment reward campaign. )
8. Job Invitation
  (where users can Share and / or invite career opportunities to passive job seekers)
9. HR Team Collaboration   
( where users can Add other staff members to complete complicated recruiting tasks in a team environment)
10.Applicant Tracking System    
(where users can View, rate, comment, and update applicant status efficiently and easily)
11.Resume Analyzer    
(where users can Covert and analyze each uploaded resume file into a searchable database)
12.Real Time Reporting
(where users can Monitor and measure the recruiting performance, and job referral network performance through real time reports)
13.Multi-Language Support
( where users can Easily localize your social recruiting strategy)
I hope is sounds like a Great Social networking Site focused on Job Market to you.
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Monday, 11 June 2012

Instagram is a free Photo sharing App launched in October 2010 that allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it with friends , followers  on social Networking sites services. A distinctive feature confines photos to a square shape.

Instagram is popular about two effects one is   “InstantRetro Effects” that brings the vintage feel to your pictures.It is only necessary to load a photo / image on it apply effects and save in the gallery site Instant Retro. Instant Retro has a Facebook application and an extension for Google Chrome with the same functions (application of retro effect on the pictures).

Other is Tilt-Shift effect which fakes a shallow depth of field effect, throwing the foreground and background out of focus. When choosing a photograph for the tilt-shift effect, bear in mind that you want to give the impression of a miniature model. Miniature models are usually viewed from above so try and choose a photo with an elevated viewpoint. Buildings, roads, traffic and railways are excellent choices but make sure there is a reasonable wide angle of view.

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Have you heard about Joshua Baer?
Born in Nashua, NH  on 25 th December 1975 ,Joshua Baer is a hugely polpular Figure in Austin, Texas. Joshua spend all day worrying about email so that you don't have to. He was also the Founder of OtherInbox,which was acquired by Return Path in 2011.
He had founded or invested in a dozen email startups and you can find his mark on about half of the email messages in your Inbox.

He help people quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs.He brought together 20 others to form the Capital Factory early stage accelerator to mentor and invest in tech startups. He founded His first startup in 1996 in His college dormitory and now teach a class at the University of Texas for student entrepreneurs.

He received Computer Science and Information Decision Systems degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and live in Austin, TX with His wife and three children.


His company Capital Factory will be a larger enterprise that offers working space for startups, mentorship programs and educational programs. It also is expected to become a networking site for Austin tech entrepreneurs.

Joshua Baer and several fellow entrepreneurs have put about $500,000 into the project. Other investors in the project include Ross Buhrdorf, chief technology officer of HomeAway Inc., and entrepreneurs Andrew Busey, Bill Boebel and Dan Graham. The chamber is supporting the effort by helping to recruit new businesses and corporate supporters. The chamber's part of the program is part of its initiative Austin TechLive, started 18 months ago to support more technology startups in Austin's downtown.

Capital Factory and the chamber completed their partnership agreement a little more than a month ago, Joshua Baer said. Another player in the project is New York-based General Assembly, which operates tech startup centers in Manhattan and London. General Assembly will support the center's educational programs.

The idea is to create a community of technology entrepreneurs, some of whom will work at the center and others who will attend the wide range of classes, seminars and networking events expected to be conducted there.

For startups, membership fees will vary. Memberships will start at $150 a month for unassigned seating in the center's open work areas. Higher cost memberships run $750 a month, which includes dedicated desk space.

Baer expects the startup center will become self-supporting through membership fees.

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Saturday, 26 May 2012

New investors looks for startups in India

Yes, it is true.  I just head that Dave McClure will be Visiting India to find out the Best Statups  ,    present in this reason.   Mr Dave is an Angel Investor from San Francisco and very popular figure with bankers, programmers and executives. 

His Future Plans in India

Mr Dave plans to provide funds to early-stage startups - He is  just  trying to look for people who can figure out how to convert an idea into an enterprise - with $10,000 to $250,000, along with hand-holding from its global network of 175 mentors, including tech executives, venture capitalists and intellectual-property experts. 
 McClure gets paid as a general partner and collects a cut of the fund's profits. He would not disclose the fund's returns. Punchd and TeachStreet, which were acquired by Google and, respectively, are among 500 Startups' winning investments.

The fund has invested in 300 companies, including Farmeron, a Croatian startup that makes software to help farmers organize data on their livestock, and Mexico's Ovia, which lets companies set up video interviews of job candidates. Both got the chance to operate out of 500 Startups' 10,000-square-foot Silicon Valley work space, where they learned from other companies in residence.

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Can Pinterest defeat Facebook?

On a Lovely  Afternoon  A Sales Guy from this company name vinfotech  ask me the above Questions ? He was persistent and drag me for next 10 days to answer to same Question again & again.

I was wondering there will so many people who might have same Question and think Pinterest is slowly replacing facebook in so many sections?

But before addressing this Questions let me explain to my Readers that what is Facebook ( I am assuming still people don't know it ) and what is Pinterest ?

A Facebook is very simple words is a website which connect people all over world with similar interest & liking.

And Pinterest is a Social Bookmarking Website which helps people to pin the interesting stuff on a plain white board.

Facebook helps people to remain connect with friends &  Pinterest helps people to organize their Stuffs.

Facebook can add  anytime the book Marketing feature in site & Pinterest can improve its sharing concept similar to facebook.

 Pinterest can never replace Facebook but it can really reduce its user base. Pinterest caters to the need of Middle Age Women who like organize their stuffs, pics , plans with fellow women.

And Facebook can never take risk to cater only to one Gender/one Segment but silently watch Pintrest taking away these users.

I guess more Niche Social Networking site will be coming to endanger Facebook.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Three P's of Time Management


There is a common expression that says ¨By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.¨ If you don´t plan, you won´t know everything you need to do to make a project successful. You might be inadequately prepared, face unexpected problems, miss deadlines and as a result, your reputation could be at stake. That can lead you to feeling overwhelmed, unorganized and stressed. You must understand the value in planning—it may not have immediate results but don´t forget what it is costing you to not plan.

At the end of the day, spend at least 15 minutes planning your next day. This way, you will wake up with a clear sense of what needs to be done and by the end of the day you will feel like you have accomplished what you needed to.The first step is you have to write everything down and not to keep anything in your head. Put it all down onto a piece of paper, an Excel spreadsheet—whatever works best for you. Also remember to include your routine tasks in your daily planning. Allocate a specific amount of time for a particular task and how long you think it will take, but be realistic. Also remember to keep your actions bite-sized—limit actions to a single activity. Completing the entire newsletter is too broad; will you be working on the layout, design or the content? You need to write out each activity, not the outcome.

So now you have written down everything you need to do and you have allocated the time to it. What's next? Which task do we complete first? There are only a certain amount of hours in the day and in order to be more productive, we need to do the tasks that will bring us the most value. That means you need to prioritize and understand which tasks require action and prioritize sensibly.


Ask yourself: if I could choose one thing on the list, which would be the most important? Or which tasks would give me the most return on my investment of time?

After identifying the most important task, look for the second most important, third, and so on, taking into account time allocation for each. You can group your tasks into different categories and this can help you to prioritize, though most of your time should be spent on categories 1 & 2 below:
  1. Important and urgent: These tasks expect a response in a short period of time. You need to do these tasks because they are urgent, but remember if you keep putting out fires you are not making time for the other tasks that are important but not urgent.
  2. Important and not urgent: These require action, and while it does not need to be done today, it needs to be done eventually. This category is where you should be spending most of your time.
  3. Urgent but not important: These tasks require immediate action, but are not high priority. These happen when you find yourself saying yes to too many things for other people, or you find yourself being interrupted.
  4. Neither urgent/nor important: These are probably worth doing at some point but are often instances of busy work, often diversionary such as cleaning your emails, cleaning your desk, and other distractions. These tasks give you the feeling of being busy.
  5. Wasted time: Is your time better spent somewhere else? Is it worth doing this task? Can it be delegated?


Once you have planned and prioritized, you have to perform! This means that you have to concentrate on one task until it is 100% complete! You have to complete it with no distraction or diversion at all. Turn off your mobile device and close your email; remove those distractions that you know you normally have. This will increase your productivity, and boththe quality and the quantity of your work. If you focus on completing one task at a time, you will be surprised at how much you can get done! Also—don’t forget to follow your energy (how you feel) and do important tasks when you are most energetic and alert.

Remember that Planning, Prioritizing and Performing are the keys to success. And remember if you can´t find more time, change the way you use the time you already have!